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Total Revenue for 2015 was $658,800,000, a new company record, with OIBDA of $61,600,000 and total profit of $24,100,000.

Total Dividend payments for the year were $36.33 million, so the company did not gross enough to cover the dividend, and used the cash on hand to cover the payments, effectively meaning that real losses this year were $12.2 million.
As a result, cash on hand fell to $102.4 million, down from $115.4 million on 12/31/2014. Cash on hand, which is partially obscured by a $50 million advance payment for international TV rights last year that was not allocated and simply added to the cash, has declined by $50 million in the last 3 years.

Before the launch of WWE Network, and expenditure required for its preparation, the company was averaging profit of $50 million annually.

The revenue was up $116.2 million from 2014, of which $54.4 million was due to the increase in TV Rights, and $44.4 million was from the WWE Network.

The company actually lost money in Q4 of 2015, reporting a total loss of $1.2 million. This was mostly due to an abandoned media center expansion project, which cost $7.1 million, and a $4.1 million for a management incentive compensation.

North America accounted for 75% of total revenues, down from 78.5% in 2014. Europe/Middle East/Africa increased from 12.7% to 17%.

See: WWF/WWE Reported Profit and Loss


As of close of business on Friday 12th Feb, the company was worth approximately $1.11 billion.

The stock price, after the reports were issued, dropped from 15.75 at close on Wednesday, to 14.94 at close on Thursday. There was a further drop on Friday to 14.65, which is the lowest mark of 2016 so far, and the lowest since June 2015.


Total Network revenue for 2015 was $138.8 million, with OIBDA of $48.4 million (The OIBDA includes PPV). The revenue number is based on the full $9.99 price, of which the company actually has to share with its partners and does not keep the full amount (The split is usually around 70/30 in favor of WWE), so the revenue total is a misleading stat.

The total number of subscribers as of 31st December 2015 was 1,272,000.

This number is broken down into 1,217,100 paid (939,900 domestic) and 54,900 on a free trial.

The final quarter of the year averaged 1,237,000 paid subscribers, which indicates that the number increased in October for the Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar HIAC match, but gradually decreased for the remainder of the quarter. Considering the line-ups for both Survivor Series and TLC, this decrease is not a major surprise.

There were 389,000 new sign-ups for Q4 2015, with around 405,000 cancellations. In total, 2015 had 1,973,800 new subscribers and 1,572,700 cancellations.

For the year, the total paid subscribers increased by 49%, as the total paid number on December 31st 2014 was 816,000. An increase was expected due to availability in international markets, so a more accurate indicator might be the domestic number, which increased 21.77%. How close this is to an accurate indication of domestic growth is impossible to say, as some of 772,000 domestic subscribers on 12/31/2014 would have unquestionably been international customers, who switched once the Network was available in their home country, so the real domestic increase would have been higher. As a comparison, NJPW World grew 75% between 01/04/2015 and 01/04/2016.

With the Royal Rumble and the launch in a few new international markets in January 2016 (Germany, Japan, Austria, Switzerland), the number should have increased in the first month of this year, although if the increase had been anything significant, the company probably would have released that number already.

In total, around 2.5 million people have subscribed to the WWE Network since the launch

The company plans to release an updated subscriber number on 04/04/2016 after Wrestlemania 32, and is forecasting an average paid subscriber level of 1,280,000 for Q1 2016.

Total viewing by subscriber is around 15.6 hours per month. 20% of total viewing time is for the monthly PPV, 30% of total viewing time is on original content, and 50% of total viewing time is spent on the back catalogue.

See: WWE Network Statistics


Live Events for 2015 grossed $122.4 million, with 76% of this gross from domestic events. These numbers generally exclude NXT events, but do include the NXT tour of the UK.

Total Live Attendance was 2,055,000, averaging 6,000 domestically and 7,300 internationally. Live attendance was flat domestically when compared against 2014, but increased 18% internationally, although due to a 14% decline in ticket prices, gates only increased by 10%.

No official CMLL numbers are available, although the promotion would have attracted the second largest total attendance figure for the calendar year, with total paid somewhere between 500,000 and 750,000. NJPW had total paid attendance of 335,779 for 2015, averaging 1,777 paid and $175,000 per show. NJPW’s previous financial year (which ended on Jul 31st 2015) had grossed $28 million approximately, with $3 million in total profit. AAA and Dragon Gate would have been the only other promotions in the world to exceed a legitimate total paid attendance of 150,000.

Officially, each live event cost an average of $263,526, with OIBDA of $115,502, although these numbers are slightly skewed by Wrestlemania and International shows. The average domestic show probably cost in the area of $230,000, and made a profit of $75,000.

Total OIBDA was $38 million, up 37% on 2015. The increase was mostly due to 11 extra events, and a 9% increase in domestic ticket prices.

Only 5 shows drew in excess of 15,000 fans for the year, with Seth Rollins, John Cena, Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose being the top full-time draws for the promotion.

Live Events accounted for almost 19% of the company's total revenue, and around 16% of the total OIBDA (not including corporate & other expenses).

See: WWE Domestic Attendance Summary (2015)

See: WWE Total Attendance by Year


Total Merchandise Sales for the year were $49.5 million, with 55% of sales coming from WWEShop online. Merchandise at live events increased 16%, with an average spend of $10.54 per fan (an increase of 10% from 2014).

WWE Shop had approximately 590,000 orders, up from 435,000 in 2014. Average order value decreased from $47.56 to $45.87.

Total OIBDA for the category was $14 million, up 25% from last year.

Total merchandise revenue was a new company record.

Merchandise accounted for 7.5% of the total company revenue, and around 6% of total OIBDA (not including corporate & other expenses).

See: WWE Merchandise Financial Summary


TV Rights Revenue increased by 31% to $231.1 million, with OIBDA of $97 million (up 57%). The total increase of $54.4 million was primarily due to a $42.8 million increase in rights fees of existing programming. Around $10 million was from Tough Enough, of which USA Network appeared to pay in the region of $1 million an episode for.

TV Rights were the most profitable division in the company, accounting for almost 42% of the total OIBDA (not including corporate and miscellaneous), and 35% of the total company revenue.

For the year (including DVR), Raw averaged a 3.2 rating (down 6%), Smackdown averaged a 2.1 rating (down 10%), and Total Divas averaged a 1.4 rating (up 9%).

See: WWE TV Rights Summary


PPV Revenue decreased 54% to $20.6 million. There were 1,403,000 buys in 2015, down from 2,292,000 in 2014 and 3,838,000 in 2013.

No numbers were revealed for TLC 2015, but preliminary indications are that it did the second lowest total of the year (after Fast Lane) and was in the region of 60,000 buys. Domestically, it apparently set a record low of 14,000. The company should release the actual confirmed numbers shortly. Individual breakdowns are available at the link below.

See: WWE PPV Statistics 2015


WWE has not released detailed information on WWE Studios performance, but total revenue for the year was $7.1 million, down 35% from $10.9 million in 2014. $4.6 million in revenue has been received from the six releases in 2015. Total assets are estimated at $26.353 million.

OIBDA decreased to a loss of $1,500,000, and there was $500,000 in impairment charges. OIBDA in 2014 was $500,000.

Since inception, WWE Studios has grossed $125.1 million, with a loss of $33.1 million (OIBDA).

The 2015 releases were: Vendetta (The Big Show), 12 Rounds 3 (Dean Ambrose), The Condemned 2 (Randy Orton), The Marine 4 (The Miz and Summer Rae), The Flintstones & WWE, and Santa's Little Helper. The first 3 had a limited theatrical release, with Marine and Flintstones being direct to DVD, and Santa's Little Helper being primarily a TV film for the USA Network.

We don't have WWE profits from these movies yet, but we have sales information for 4 of the 6 films. Both 12 Rounds 3 and The Condemned 2 were complete bombs.

The Flinstones (released in March) has grossed a total of $1,500,061, This includes around 87,000 DVDs sold for $1,388,271. As a comparison, the Scooby Doo film grossed a total of $4,810,533 in sales.

The Marine 4 (released in April) has grossed a total of $1,494,804. This includes around 100,000 units on DVD for a total gross of $1,201,106, and almost 20,000 units on BRD for a total of $293,698. As a comparison, Marine 3 grossed a total of $3,369,863 in sales.

Santa's Little Helper (The Miz and Paige) grossed $494,557 in sales, although the majority in revenue will come from TV Rights, so this film will be profitable, meaning that The Miz continues his streak of starring in profitable movies.

Vendetta, released on 6/12, and in August on DVD, grossed a total of $973,501 to date on Home Video (10% Blu Ray). Around 70,000 units have been sold on DVD for $885,931.

Subject to change, and including distribution-only films, there are 8 movies (including a Scooby Doo sequel) on the calendar for next year.

See: WWE Studios Financial Summary

The profit by movie table is correct up to 09/30/2015: WWE Studios Financial Summary by Film


Home Entertainment grossed $13.4 million in 2015, down 51% from 2014. OIBDA was $4.6 million (down 131%)

A total of 2,081,400 units were shipped in 2015, down 22% from 2014 and 48% from 2013.

The top shipped releases for the year were Wrestlemania 31 (133,000), Rock vs. Cena (99,000), Ultimate Warrior Always Believe (55,000), The Very Best of Nitro (50,000) and The Kliq Rules (45,000).

See also: WWE Home Video Financial Summary


- Licensing increased by 27% to $48.9 million, of which $10.8 million was from Video Games - the primary reason for the increase. The category recorded OIBDA of $28.8 million, up 37% from 2014.

- Digital Media increased by 3% to $21.5 million, achieving $4.4 million of OIBDA (up 1367%). The revenue increase was attributed to an increase in advertising revenue, with the OIBDA increase due to the costs associated with the discontinuation of the Magazine Division in 2014.

- Total Social Media followers as of 12/31/2015 were 584 million, up 31% on 2014. This includes 394 million on Facebook (up 20%) and 122 million on Twitter (up 30%).

- Total Free Video views for the year were 8.6 billion, primarily from YouTube, as only around 400 million were from Last years views were 4.4 billion.

- The Website and App averaged 20.6 million visitors a month (down 1% from 2014), with an average of 406 million page views a month (down 18%).


- For live attendance in July, average domestic paid attendance was 5,200 - which factoring out the PPV, is in the area of 4,958. Thats up 0.2% (virtually flat) from 4,948 in 2014.

The key house show matches domestically for the month were John Cena vs. Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt, and Sheamus vs. Randy Orton.

The combined shows (with Cena vs. Owens, Reigns vs. Wyatt and Rollins vs. Ambrose) averaged 7,500. The combined shows are not included in the below averages.

John Cena vs. Kevin Owens averaged 6,215

The combined Rollins vs. Ambrose, and Reigns vs. Wyatt matches averaged 4,100.

Rollins vs. Ambrose (without Reigns on the show) averaged 3,500

Randy Orton vs. Sheamus averaged 2,250

Shows with Cena averaged 6,583. Non Cena shows averaged 3,550.

- International shows averaged 6,800.


TV Ratings for the month were terrible:

Raw in July averaged a 2.66 rating and 3.67 million viewers, down 11.04% in ratings and 15.05% in viewers from July 2014 (which averaged a 2.99 rating and 4.32 million viewers).

Smackdown averaged a 1.70 rating and 2.32 million viewers, down 4.49% in ratings and 7.57% in viewers from July 2014 (which averaged a 1.78 rating and 2.51 million viewers).


DVD shipments were 137,000 for the month, down 25% from 182,000 in 2014. That's an area in general decline due to the WWE Network. Over the last nine months, the most shipped WWE DVD titles were Slam City (101,000), Wrestlemania 31 (109,000), Macho Man Randy Savage Story (62,000), Attitude Era Vol 2 (66,000), and The Rock vs. Cena (65,000). For the month of July, Wrestlemania 31 shipped 6,000 units, the other titles were adjusted downwards, which indicates returns.

The company had 525 million social media followers at the end of July. 366 million are from Facebook and 112 million are from Twitter. They've gained 1 million twitter followers since June 30th and 5 million Facebook followers.

WWE Shop merchandise attracted 1,452 orders per day, up 67% from 871 in 2014.

See also: WWE Battleground 2015 PPV Buys

WWE Battleground on 7/19 attracted 76,000 PPV Buys (24,000 domestic), up from the last three events, which all did in the 54-57,000 range.

It's the highest B-show of the year, likely boosted by the appearance of Brock Lesnar in the main event. The main increase was in international buys, which were 52,000, up almost 50% on normal levels for a B-show.

See also: WWE PPV Statistics 2015

The 8/27 Smackdown drew 2,195,000 viewers, down around 9.8% on last week's viewership of 2,434,000. The rating was a 1.62

It was fifth on Cable for the night, behind Mountain Men which drew 2.740 million viewers at 9pm, Little League World Series on ESPN at 8pm (which drew 2.426 million) and 2 Family Guy re-runs.

On Twitter, it was second for the night among "Series and Specials" behind Big Brother, with a unique audience of 651,000 (down 37%), impressions of 2,309,000 (down 16%), and 19,000 unique authors (up 19%)  with 56,000 tweets (up 24%).

See also: TV Ratings 2015

The seasom finale of WWE Tough Enough Season 6 drew 981,000 viewers at 8pm on 8/25, down 1.7% from last week's 998,000.

It was the fourth lowest number of the season.

The first-run episodes on Tuesday averaged 1,044,000 viewers. It seems safe to say that there will not be another season on USA Network again.

See also: WWE Tough Enough TV Ratings - Season 6 (2015)

See also: TV Ratings 2015

Raw audience for the 8/24 broadcast was an average of 3,720,000 viewers down 1.6% from last week.

The show was second for the night on Cable, behind NFL Preseason Footbal which drew 4,202,000 at 8pm on ESPN

Hour 1 drew an average of 3,606,000 viewers (down 1.1%)

Hour 2 drew an average of 3,794,000 viewers (down 4.0%)

Hour 3 drew an average of 3,764,000 viewers (up 1.0%)

The Twitter audience, however, was significantly up from normal: the show was top for the night in the Twitter Ratings, with a unique audience of 2,958,000, impressions of 18,253,000, and 283,000 tweets by 66,000 authors.

See also: Raw 3-Hour TV Audiences by hour (2015)

See also: TV Ratings 2015

The eighth episode of Paragon Pro Wrestling on POP TV drew an average of 41,500 viewers for the 1 hour show at 6am on 8/22, up 30% on Week 7's audience of 32,000, and was the most watched episode to date.

Evidently last week's shockingly good rating was not a fluke, as the promotion set another ratings record this week.

The first 30 minutes drew 36,000 viewers, up 16% on last week's 31,000. The final half hour drew 47,000, up 42% from 33,000 viewers on 8/15. 

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TNA - Destination America - 9pm - 11pm: 279,000 (down 13.6% on 323,000 last week)

ROH - Destination America - 11pm - 12am: 149,000 (up 2.8% on 145,000 last week)

TNA - Destination America - 12am - 1am: 83,000 (up 13.7% on 73,000 last week )

ROH's audience of 149,000 at 11pm was the highest in 3 weeks.

See also: ROH TV Ratings on Destination America

TNA attracted a total of 362,000 down 9% on 396,000 last week. The 12am repeat was the highest in 7 weeks.

See also: TV Ratings 2015


In full results from GFW's 8/22 show in Reno, NV:

1. Ryan McQueen won a three-way over Sonjay Dutt and an unknown.
2. Paul Isadora defeated JR Kratos.
3. Christina Von Eerie downed Amber Gallows.
4. Nick Aldis rolled over Chris Mordetzky.
5. Virgil Flynn overcame PJ Black.
6. IWGP World Tag Champions Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson beat Adam Thornstowe & Luster The Legend.

Next show is 8/28 in Harrisburg, PA with the following card: Dirty Money vs. Pat Buck; Kevin Matthews vs. Pepper Parks; Kimber Lee vs. Cherry Bomb; Brian Myers vs. Chris Mordetzky; BLK Jeez vs. Sonjay Dutt; and headlining The Bullet Club vs. Seiya Sanada and Ali Akbar. Kevin Nash is also scheduled for a special appearance.

See also: GFW Schedule 2015

In full results from ROH’s 8/22 house show in Brooklyn, NY at MCU Park:

1. Will Ferrara won a squash.
2. Adam Cole downed Christopher Daniels .
3. Hanson & Ray Rowe beat GHC World Tag & NWA Tag Champions Davey Boy Smith Jr. & Lance Archer in a non-title match.
4. Takaaki Watanabe downed Adam Page, Bushwhacker Luke, Cedric Alexander, Dalton Castle, Donovan Dijak, Frankie Kazarian, Moose, and Silas Young in a gauntlet match.
5. ACH, Matt Sydal & The Young Bucks beat Beretta, Rocky Romero, Matt Taven & Michael Bennett.
6. IWGP Intercontinental Champion Hirooki Goto bested Michael Elgin with the Shouten Kai.
7. Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe beat Alex Shelley & IWGP Jr Champion Kushida when Jay pinned Shelley after the Jaydriller.
8. IWGP World Champion Kazuchika Okada defeated Roderick Strong with the Rainmaker.
9. ROH & ROH TV Champion Jay Lethal & Shinsuke Nakamura rolled over IWGP Jr Tag Champions Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly in a non-title match when Lethal pinned Fish after the Lethal Injection.

Next show is 8/29 in Atlanta, GA with the following card: Cedric Alexander vs. Corey Hollis; Michael Elgin vs. Adam Page; Matt Taven & Michael Bennett vs. Will Ferrara & Watanabe; Roderick Strong vs. Caprice Coleman; Matt Sydal & ACH vs. War Machine; Jay Briscoe vs. Moose; Cliff Compton vs. Mark Briscoe; and headlining Adam Cole, Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly vs. Jay Lethal, Christopher Daniels & Kazarian.

See also: ROH Results 2015

See also: ROH Schedule 2015



The seventh episode of Paragon Pro Wrestling on POP TV drew an average of 32,000 viewers for the 1 hour show at 6am on 8/15, up 178% on Week 6's audience of 11,500, and was the most watched episode to date by a considerable margin.

For that timeslot, channel, and taking into account that it's not a well known promotion, that number is excellent.

The first 30 minutes drew 31,000 viewers, up 244% on last week's 9,000. The final half hour drew 33,000, up 136% from 14,000 viewers on 8/8. 

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In spoilers from the 8/21 ROH TV Tapings in Philadelphia, PA:

In a dark match, Jonathan Gresham beat Shaheem Ali.

For Show 1
1. IWGP Jr Tag Champions Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly beat Donovan Dijak & J. Diesel.
2. Cedric Alexander downed Dalton Castle with assistance from Silas Young. Moose attacked Alexander after the match.
3. Hanson & Ray Rowe dropped Matt Taven & Michael Bennett when The Young Bucks distracted The Kingdom.

For Show 2
4. ROH Tag Champions Christopher Daniels & Kazarian rolled over The Young Bucks after The Kingdom interfered.
5. ROH Champion Jay Lethal toppled Roderick Strong.

For Show 3
6. Michael Elgin overcame Silas Young.
7. ACH beat Caprice Coleman.
8. Hirooki Goto, Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe beat Kazuchika Okada, Beretta & Rocky Romero.

For Show 4
9. Matt Sydal beat IWGP Jr Champion Kushida in a non-title match.
10. Takaaki Watanabe downed Adam Page, Moose and Will Ferrara in a four-way.
11. Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Adam Cole.

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1. Masayuki Kono & Nosawa Rongai dropped Minoru Tanaka & Kenta Hattori at 10:34 when Kono beat Hattori after a Running Knee.
2. Jiro Kuroshio bested Kuma Goro at 13:00 with a Moonsault.
3. Shuji Kondo bested Hiroki Murase at 14:13 with a King Kong Lariat.
4. Kaz Hayashi dropped Hiroshi Yamato & Shotaro Ashino in a three-way at 13:17 when Hayashi beat Yamato with the Power Plant.
5. Ryota Hama & Andy Wu toppled Kazma Sakamoto & Koi Doi at 13:25 by DQ when Doi attacked the referee.
6. AKIRA & Manabu Soya defeated Kai & Yasufumi Nakanoue at 20:30 when Akira beat Nakanoue with the Wild Bomber.

Following the main event it was announced that Manabu Soya & Jun Kasai would defend the Wrestle-1 Tag Titles against AKIRA and Kuma Goro.

Next Show is the 8/30 Wrestle-1 Grand Prix Finals at Korakuen Hall with semi-finals of Shuji Kondo vs. Kazma Sakamoto, and Manabu Soya vs. Jiro Kuroshio. The rest of the card is: Mazada, Nosawa Rongai & Masayuki Kono vs. AKIRA, Andy Wu & Kuma Goro vs. Kai, Minoru Tanaka & Yasufumi Nakanoue; Hiroshi Yamato & Yoshioka Yookoshi vs. Hiroki Murase & Shotaro Ashino; Ryota Hama vs. Koi Doi; and Tatsumi Fujinami, Men’s Teoih & Kaz Hayashi vs. The Great Muta, The Great Kabuki & Tajiri.

The show will be shown on GAORA TV on 9/18.

See also: Wrestle-1 Results 2015

In full results from CMLL’s 8/23 show at Arena Mexico:

1. Astral & Electrico beat Pequeno Olímpico & Pierrothito
2. Oro Jr, Soberano Jr & Starman defeated Akuma, El Hijo del Signo & Nitro
3. The Panther downed Sangre Azteca by DQ in a lightning match
4. Lluvia, Marcela & Princesa Sugehit dropped La Comandante, La Seductora & Zeuxis
5. Kamaitachi, Rey Bucanero & Ripper bested Blue Panther, Dragon Lee & Stuka Jr.
6. CMLL Trios Champions Mistico, Valiente & Volador Jr rolled over Euforia, Gran Guerrero & Niebla Roja (3rd defense)

Mistico appeared to suffer a shoulder injury during the main event of the show, but finished the match.

Kamaitachi pinned Dragon Lee in the semi-final to set up another CMLL World Lightweight Title Match on next week's show. Given that Lee has already successfully defended the title against Kamaitachi on two consecutive occasions, a title change seems possible here.

Line-up for next Sunday's Arena Mexico card is as follows:
1. Leono & Sensei vs. Camorra & Cholo
2. La Vaquerita, Lluvia & Skadi vs. Amapola, Dalys & La Seductora
3. Fuego, The Panther & Triton vs. Puma, Sangre Azteca & Tiger
4. Angel de Oro, Rey Cometa & Titan vs. Morphosis, Olimpico & Ripper
5. Title Match: CMLL World Lightweight Champion Dragon Lee vs. Kamaitachi
6. Mr Niebla, Shocker & Vangellys vs. La Sombra, Super Porky & Valiente

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